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Curiosity mounts as Devonport locals show up

at site of the former Duder Brick Works

Duder Brickworks Archaeological Excavation

Devonport locals show up at site of the former Duder Brickworks for Ryman Healthcare, North Shore, Auckland.

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Archaeological dig reveals Auckland's early industrial history

Duder Brickworks Archaeological Excavation

Excavations at the Duder Brickworks for Ryman Healthcare, North Shore, Auckland.

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Auckland Council: Interesting historical artefacts dug up in CRL excavations

Historic Artefacts CRL

Historic Artefacts from CRL Excavations

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TV1 News: Excavating the 1942 Crash Site of the WW2 B17 Bomber at Whenuapai

TV1 News - B17 Texas Tornado Bomb Crater

Volunteer Excavation of B17 Flying Fortress, The Texas Tornado, Auckland

With Simon Best, Robert Brassey, Joss Piper-Jarrett, Rachel Ford (and lots of other help!)

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NZH Focus: Inside Auckland's Historic St James Theatre

Work at the St James Theatre, Auckland

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St James Theatre reveals hidden treasures and secrets of Auckland's past

An array of artefacts have been found beneath the floorboards of the historic St James theatre as it undergoes a transformation, unearthing secrets of the city's past... Bernie Larsen, an archaeologist with heritage consultancy Clough & Associates, said the project is "what we dream about".

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NZPI Award for Chorus UFB

NZPI Award for Chorus UFB Mana Whenua Consultation

NZ Planning Institute Winner of the 2015 BP Award for consultation and participation is Chorus, Beca, Incite, Boffa Miskell and Clough and Associates for its collaborative work on Mana Whenua Fibre.

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 Victoria Street transformation work, Wellington

Dolls’ heads and a china elephant found during work in Victoria Street

Archaeologist Sarah Phear from Clough and Associates, who has begun assessing the finds, says the well that revealed the most interesting artefacts was in an area of Te Aro where several schoolrooms were located from the 1850s. These included St Peter’s Schoolroom and the Te Aro Infants’ School near the Ghuznee Street corner.

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Waterview Connection

Connection site's old secrets

RICH HISTORY: Waterview Connection project archaeologist Glen Farley with a water pitcher found in a buried well during excavations. The jug dates from the 1870s.

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Northland Excavation

Northland dig uncovers 800-year-old signs of living

Archaeologist Richard Shakles at the site of an ancient Maori fire pit uncovered during work on the Kamo bypass in 2011. Photo / Northern Advocate

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Victoria Park Tunnel Excavation

Mystery pistol uncovered

Mystery surrounds the discovery of an ancient gun during digging for the Victoria Park Tunnel.The double-barrelled pistol was found at the bottom of a well near Napier St at the southern end of the tunnel project...Ms [Dr] Phear says the gun is thought to be more than 100 years old and it was recovered during final monitoring of excavation work.

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